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Communicate, Present,


·        Learn how to truly, communicate, inspire and evoke emotion with sincerity from stage.  
·        Experience the power and force as you focus and hone your speaking skills.
Learn the differences between performing on stage, selling from stage, speaking in church, and presenting in a business environment.
Experience both playing a role and magnifying your true self.
   Learn how to use props, power point, social media, social capital, and create/design your own website.

Excel in class rooms, business presentations, theatre performances and political arenas.  When a person knows how to quickly form powerful thoughts and share them in a true moment this person can be influential in almost every way.

The Varsity Club is NOT a place for students looking to over come their fear of speaking & performing but rather for those that HAVE a natural ability to speak and for those others that feel compelled to speak.

It is David and Jill Fagan’s mission to take these individuals and give them the skills, experiences and opportunities to become powerful presenters & performers.

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You will learn Exercises in:
Examining and performing famous speeches
Acting & role playing
·        Develop your own keynote
Create your own DVD resume & portfolio

WE are NOT booking agents or talent scouts.
We ARE the partner to get you prepared to make a strong first impression and the people to help you nail every opportunity that comes your way. 

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It's not practice makes perfect it's perfect practice makes perfect.
In this kit you will learn how to make your own video resume, what should be on your video resume, how to create a portfolio, what should be in your portfolio, exercises that to rehearse to hone you skills, how to develop a keynote, how to get free exposure, how to find opportunities, how to make a strong first impression, how to brand your self, how to create your own website, how to get people to your website...